Unrivaled Group Focused Training follows all the ins and outs of a mixed martial arts bout and the athletes conditioning in order to reach their peak performance before entering a 3 or 5 round bout against their opponent.

How it works, you get to put yourself through the same conditioning programs as a professional MMA athlete. So when we talk about the same conditioning, we talk about displaying the same body movements and focus as a MMA athlete would outside the cage. Through these same body movement exercises, we are preparing our bodies to comfortably perform our physical best with high-intensity over a short duration of an MMA bout, this duration can be anywhere from 15 to 25 min.

Fortunately for people who do not wish to compete in mixed martial arts, we have the opportunity to utilize all of the benefits that MMA conditioning gives us. Bring it into our daily lives, producing a healthy, stronger, faster, focused and more explosive you. 

Unrivaled Group Focused Training consists of aerobic and anaerobic systems combined with resistance from our own bodyweight and external weights. This sufficiently creates the perfect metabolic state for energy burning, sources such as carbohydrates and fats. This type of training is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that will not only help you carry out activities more efficiently in everyday or your specific sport but it also reduces the risk of many diseases and illnesses.  It also creates healthy muscle growth, muscular endurance, flexibility and mobility of the body.