About Adrian Holt

Finishing year 12 at Marist College Ashgrove I took on an apprenticeship and completed certificate 5 in engineering. In the pursuit of greater wealth and great ambitions of moving up the ranks I transferred into the mining industry. After time I decided it would be a good idea to spend a bit more time at home, this was when I started working for myself as a small business contracting in the commercial and industrial refrigeration industry.

So much for staying at home! With this position I travelled all around Australia missing out on a lot of quality time with a young family. The money was good and I was gaining more experience by the day, along the way observing all kinds of other people, different ways of thinking, personalities, work ethics, diverse ways of living and looking at life, yes I felt like I have seen a lot.

Unfortunately I had a crisis in my life and it hit hard. One that was completely alien to me where I just couldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. It was in that period I really understood what it must be like to be pushed to the point where you no longer wish to be on the planet. Existing day after day bogged in a thick muck searching and scrambling for some kind of help. The universe decided to delivered mixed martial arts conditioning training to me by an awesome PT. Little did I know that, that crisis would end up being the best thing that happened to me.

That’s it! I fell in love with fitness and live with a deep respect and passion for mixed martial arts. The outcome in self-improvement is never ending not just in health but every aspect of your life and those a round you. Awareness, self connection, unfoldment are some of the key areas that I like to focus on, exposing thought patterns, understanding them and creating tools to pursue a path of happiness In your own life is what you can learn to own.

Passing on these tools and watching them being used in other people’s lives is everything to me, no matter what category you may put yourself in, you still have an opportunity to know the real you and become the best you can be. Going on the journey to dedication is the only way to achieve your extraordinary result, your prize, your goal, your greatness.

You’re all awesome, I know it, do you?

Fitness Industry Training
Certificate III & IV in Fitness
Battle Ropes
Level 1 Performance Coaching
MMA Conditioning
Sports Performance Training
First Aid & CPR
Accredited by Fitness Australia