What’s your self talk!

This is how you win, first thing Monday morning I took Allamanda for her drivers licence test and she passed with flying colours. Ally had gained 100 hours on her learners in her own car and being a good friend she lent it to one of hers. Unfortunately 30 hours before her driving test her friend had a bit of an accident in the wet putting the car out of action for the test.

We found her a new car after a bit of asking around giving Ally two hours before the test to get used to it. As I was sitting in the Department of transport waiting I was listening to the nervous conversations of other 17-year-olds talking to their parents. ”I probably won’t even get it“ I hear one girl say to her mother. I’m thinking, no, you probably won’t, thinking like that.

How did Ally pass with flying colours?

Little did Ally know that she had already passed the test, the Friday before when she told her mum on her way to the airport that she would pick her up Monday lunchtime from the airport, after she gets her licence.

The self talk had locked in success on a unbreakable level, so the distractions and tears that got thrown at her, were not enough to stop the win.

Beautiful thing to watch as a parent, I’m very proud of her!

What’s your self talk? Is it setting you up for a win?!

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