Group focused training

In my business of performing your best I know that small group training delivers outstanding results for my clients.
I only work with people who dedicate themselves to achieving their goals.

What you’ll get from the group focused training program

If you’re impressed by 2 professional athletes going toe to toe in a MMA arena for a title belt, well come and do the next best thing and start training like an MMA athlete. Learn how to condition your body with cardiovascular and muscle endurance exercises. Learn the correct techniques on how to strike, grapple and submit your opponents.

By the time you have these arsenals under your belt we can start progressing you to the next stages. This means throwing away the bicep curls and finding your maximal strength by performing specific exercises which will involve the recruitment of more muscle fibres, producing explosive power. Who knows by this stage you may be thinking you would like to have a C Grade fight, and if that’s the case we can point you in the right direction with a head start. We will educate you on periodisation programming to adapt your body physically, mentally and nutritionally to reach your goals.

Remember this type of training will keep you interested, build your confidence, keep you active and healthy, increase your sex drive and you will find yourself spending better quality time with your partner or family.

Mixed Martial Arts training is frowned upon as a violent sport and underestimated by so many people, but it goes deeper then this so-called violent sport. MMA training attracts a lot of professional athletes because of its athletic demeaned at a professional level but even at a beginner to intermediate level you still come out with the same values.

Values like, having a good understanding of your own body and nutritional intakes, having mental strength and focus that helps you stay connected with yourself through every day challenges, being the best you can be so you can share your positive energy with yourself and the rest of the world.

Competing in MMA is not for everyone but the training can be.”